How to Start Your Blog
from Scratch the Right Way

Turn your passion project or budding idea into a money-making, soul-fulfilling machine!

 Did you know it takes 21 days
to make or break a habit?

In 21 days you can start a new yoga practice, create a self-care morning ritual, learn to play the piano, or even create an online business.

Let's make today day 1!

Let’s spend the next 3 weeks creating a purpose-driven online business (a.k.a. a blog)--I’ll walk you through conception to completion!


Oh Goddess, no! I’m so glad you asked!


A paradigm shift has been a-brewin’ in the online world and here’s what you need to know:

All websites are blogs.

And all businesses need one.

Yup! Whether brick + mortar, service-based, retail or online, you need a website. And in 2021, if that website has any content on it, it’s a blog (whether you cringe at the word Influencer or not). Why?


Blogs are your home base—they’re how people find you. 


Creating content online is the fastest way to show up in Google search results, which will bring more people to your website, increasing your visibility…


Which will help you sell more products, courses, programs, coaching sessions, services, etc.


Even better? You can monetize your blog itself with ads, affiliates and sponsors!

Don’t believe me? Check this out:

  • 80% of internet users interact with blogs*

  • Internet users in the US spend 3X more time on blogs than they do on email.**

  • Companies that blog have 55% more visitors to their websites.***

  • Internet and data usage increased 47% in 2020***

Here’s what this means for you:




I know, friend! That’s why I’m here. I’m you...well, I was you.


Five years ago, I didn’t know where to start either. 


I was overwhelmed by the sea of voices screaming at me on the internet, I was intimidated by the tech and unsure of what to do first, and don’t even get me started on privacy policies and LLCs and SEO. 


Sound familiar? 

The good news is--I figured it out. And in those five years, I went from not even having a clear idea of what I wanted to blog about (despite a deep knowing that I was meant for more and had a powerful message to share with the world) to making over $677,000 FROM MY FREAKING BLOG!


That’s not even counting what I’ve made from selling online courses and coaching programs. That’s just from monetizing my blog itself. 


You can do this, too! 


And I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to do it, step-by-step, click-by-click with my proven roadmap. No confusion. No ambiguity. Complete hand-holding. 


Let’s do this!

Welcome to 21 Days to Impact

If you’re an aspiring blogger, an Instagram influencer, or an ambitious creator ready to get your idea out there and turn your passion and purpose into profits, I’ve got the proven system to get you there.

21 Days to Impact is a complete beginner’s roadmap to lay the foundations for your blog from DAY ONE. This course is intentionally designed to put you on the fast track to learn, step-by-step, how to go from idea to influence using my framework that will save you boatloads of time and frustration.


You’ll learn how to figure out your niche, overcome imposter syndrome, buy your domain name, navigate all the tech and get your blog up and running quickly, without overwhelm!


And just in case you worry you don’t have time for yet another online course, we’ve made 21 Days to Impact quick and easy to follow, so you can hit publish on your very first post and be on your way to financial freedom in 3 weeks or less! 


With my proven framework, you could get your blog up and running in a matter of days (even hours) as I break this blogging thing down piece by piece, in a way you can actually understand (no confusing tech lingo!)

This was the roadmap that I was needing!

"I have been playing with the idea of being a blogger for more than a decade. But it was never the right time or I didn't feel like I had anything to add to the conversation in my area of expertise or I didn't feel like I had expertise. But this course has given me direction, an action plan and the encouragement to add this new business to my portfolio and have a clear path forward. It accelerates the starting up on Wordpress. I have toyed with other platforms as Wordpress scared me. This was the roadmap that I was needing!" 


-Tracey Northcott

I am making actual progress towards my goal.

"I’ve dreamed of starting a blog for years, but that’s all it’s ever been, a dream. I never knew what steps to take and how to take them to start a successful blog, so I just didn’t. With this course, I am making actual progress towards my goal. I’ve used the training and the extras to get myself on track to make my dream a reality and it feels incredible to actually be working on my blog."


- Hannah Tembo

Look, I know it can be confusing, overwhelming, and intimidating when you’re committing to doing something new and feel like you have so much to learn. 


It’s easy to get discouraged and feel like giving up…

but NOT YOU, right?! 

If you’re here, I’m guessing you’re heart-centered, driven and filled with big dreams of what you want your life, business, and the world to look like. If you won’t put yourself first, who will? 


My passion is helping women like you break through all your fears, limiting beliefs, and self doubts, replacing that BS with the tools and no-fluff coaching you need to reclaim your joy, power, and freedom without sacrificing your health, self-care, relationships and family, sanity and spirituality.


That’s exactly why I created this beginners course and am peeling back the curtain on EXACTLY how to start your blog TODAY, step-by-step, even if:  


✔️ you aren’t even sure what to blog about yet


✔️ tech gives you nightmares and makes you want to hide under the covers


✔️the thought of becoming a blogger is totally overwhelming and brings all kinds of uncomfortable feelings of imposter syndrome


✔️ you feel like everything’s been talked about before, or that there’s so much competition there’s no room for you (newsflash: there absolutely is and I'm going to show you how)


✔️ you have no desire to be a “blogger” or “influencer” (the truth is, even if you already have an online business or presence, you are leaving money on the table if you don’t have a blog, no matter what your business is!)



Confidence to do the dang thing! Learn how to make the mindset shifts you need in order to be successful and breakthrough all of those limiting beliefs! If your mind keeps saying, "Who do I think I am? Why would anyone care what I have to say? I'm not expert enough. I don't have any fancy credentials. What if I fail? What will other people think?" Girl, don’t worry! When you enroll, the first module is all about getting your mind right and busting through imposter syndrome. This is where you'll actually see the greatest shifts and it lays the foundation for ALL your success to follow!

Clarity on your niche, your name, and who you serve. Even if you’re still unsure on exactly what you’re going to blog about, we’ve got your back and will help you get clear with an actionable plan to follow. Feel stuck on a name? There's so much more that goes into a name than just choosing something you like--let me teach you how I’ve helped hundreds of other students get their ‘aha’ for their blog’s name!

Peace of mind that you set your blog up the right way from the start! Real talk: about 99.9% of people set up their blogs incorrectly. Don’t let this be you! The mistakes most people make when they start their blogs cost them not just a ton of time and money, but holds them back from reaching the people that need them most. If you willy nilly set up a blog or do it without the knowledge of SEO under your belt, you’ll probably never build the business you dream about. This makes me mad, because we both know that the world NEEDS you and the amazing gifts you have to offer!

Self satisfaction that you learned a new, invaluable skill that’ll serve you for years to come. This is priceless! You'll save hundreds or thousands of dollars compared to hiring someone else to do it for you, AND you'll be empowered with the knowledge you need to understand more about the backend of your website.

Limitless income potential now that you have a website that’s optimized for traffic, revenue and impact. You’ll feel inspired and energized by the new life you’re creating and everything your blog can do for you (hello financial security, location independence and time freedom!). You’ll start to own and externally radiate that confident, inner badass that you know you are on the inside.


"But, tech terrifies me!"

If the thought of dealing with tech is scarier than election night without 🍷🍺🥃🍸, this section is for you! 

  • You cringe (or feel like I’m speaking Chinese) when I say words like sitemap, widgets, permalinks, Google Search Console, and meta descriptions, you are not alone!

  • You’re hesitant to choose Wordpress (over Wix or Squarespace).

  • You are a newbie at SEO...what even is SEO, amiright?

  • You don't know what most of this stuff means.

That's even MORE reason why you NEED this course. 

Oftentimes we don't know what we don't know, especially when it comes to a foreign language like website coding, SEO, and all the jargon commonly used in the virtual world. 


But the wrong setup for your website could mean you’ll be paddling upstream in your online business forever. 


That’s why it’s SO IMPORTANT to start your blog on the right foot, and why I added dozens of “first do this, then do that” tech video trainings and tutorials to my course. 


And when you have someone like me, someone who's done this MANY times before, holding your hand--you can skip the learning curve. Here’s what some of our students had to say about them:

I am completely tech illiterate and was overwhelmed by the unknown of it all. It was very helpful to have bite sized pieces broken down step-by-step.




Sydnee Blackburn

I finally started! I've been wanting to do this blog for a few years now, and finally felt the inspiration to join, buy my domain/reserve the Insta name, and start writing. Just feeling super happy that my muse has returned and I am listening!


Anna Dey

I was coming from nothing but an idea that I sat on for 6 years. When I found Kate, it felt like a sign. I bit the bullet and signed up for the course and it changed everything.  Kate has really built this course with specific and clear action steps, which helped me not feel lost.

Maureen Goodman

So Who Is This Blogging Expert Promising You BIG Results?

I’m a wife to Matt, a mama to Jackson (3) and Gemma (a year and a half), and head zookeeper to our pup, Finch, and kitties, Scout and Boo (yes, like the book!). 


I’m an entrepreneur, a blogger, a twice-published cookbook author, a journalist with articles in over 125 magazines and newspapers, and the CEO of my company. 

Recently, I was thinking about the exact moment I hit "publish" on my very first blog post at Root + Revel, in 2015.  


So many feelings…


Analysis Paralysis. OMG, this blog has to be perfect before I launch and I’m so overwhelmed by this chaotic to-do list I don’t even know where to I won’t.


Insecurity. Who do I think I am? Why would anyone care what I have to say? What if nobody reads it?


Anticipation. OK, it’s out there. What if this thing actually works?


The next five years were a rollercoaster of mistakes, triumphs, burnout and eventual peace, as my blog took me to where I am today: earning multiple-six-figures from Root + Revel without sacrificing my health, sanity or a single precious moment with my family.

✓ Did I rely on a huge audience? Nope.

✓ Did I spend hordes of cash on FB ads? Nope again.

✓ Did I learn the key ingredients to a successful blog that generates passive income even through HUGE life events like the birth of my 2 children and the global pandemic? YES. 

✓ Can I teach YOU how to start a blog that generates income right from Day One? Heck YES!

After A LOT of trial and error over the last 5 years,

I developed a system to turn my blog into an insanely profitable business.  

And it actually worked! My blog now consistently has $20,000 months!


 Not only has my blog been wildly successful revenue-wise, but I’m finally writing the stories I want to tell, I’m helping others to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives,

and I’m doing it all ON MY OWN TERMS.

Some marketers will show off selfies in front of private jets or at luxe beach resorts.

While I’m all about a good vacay, that’s not real life. 


What my blog, my online business, has brought me is worth so much more than any expensive champagne. My blog has given me:

✔️ Precious time with my family every single day during whatever hours I please because I'm the boss and I set my own schedule


✔️ Create your own flexible schedule that works for YOU and your loved ones


✔️Payments toward the mortgage on my beautiful modern farmhouse


✔️ Daily nature walks with my dog in the middle of the day or the ability to meet a friend for lunch without asking anybody else's permission


✔️ Organic groceries and important self-care like massages, spa visits, chiropractic, acupuncture and more (which I now have the time for!)


✔️ As many staycations (hello, this is a pandemic) as I want because PTO doesn’t exist and I can earn passive income even when I'm not working​


✔️ TWO 4-month maternity leaves where I earned over $195,000 while snuggling my new babies

✔️ The ability to simply work from the couch in my jammies, whether it's quarantine or just a regular day because I AM IN CONTROL!

I did it in 3 years. 

You can do it faster, armed with everything I learned through trial and error.

You can do this. Honestly, I've got you.


Ready to give it a shot?

Course Curriculum


21 Days to Impact is a DIY course that will teach you everything you need to know to start your blog and lay the right foundations from day one. 


You’ll get 3-month access to 4 core modules and 20+ lessons covering everything from how to pick your niche and name your blog, to how to buy your domain and host, to how to pick and install and design a theme and plug-ins, to how to set up your email with Gmail, to what you need to actually launch your blog--and a whole lot more!  


Plus, we celebrate your successes and actually help you hold yourself accountable with our Milestones Program! When you implement what you've learned, you'll earn points that you can redeem for shoutouts, gift cards, personalized feedback on your blog, and more!.


Here’s a look at the full course curriculum — and the special bonus content that comes with it!


Module 1: Confidence and Clarity

  • Get Your Mind Right

  • What Kind of Blog Should I Start? 

  • Find and Narrow Your Niche

  • Name Your Blog

Module 2: Getting Started with Tech

  • An Introduction to Blogging Tech

  • Buy Your Domain Name

  • Host Your Blog

  • Install Wordpress

  • Design Your Logo

  • Choose a Wordpress Theme

  • Add Plugins

Module 3: The Big Picture

  • Wordpress Basics

  • Design Your Blog

  • SEO Best Practices

  • Google Workspace and Custom Email

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Search Console

Module 4: Launch Your Blog

  • What You Need to Launch

  • Accounting and Legal FAQ

  • Next Steps: Turning Your Blog into a Business

But that's not all!

When you enroll today you'll receive

over $988 in bonuses, including:


A members-only group for 21 Days students to connect with each other, share thoughts and insights, ask questions, get feedback, network, collaborate, and more. In addition, a member of our team will respond to ANY AND ALL questions and offer special 1:1 coaching in the process. Inside our inclusive, diverse group you'll find all walks of life and we celebrate every individuals’s uniqueness. We invite people of all different races, ethnicities, backgrounds, orientations, ages, religions, body sizes and shapes, and abilities into our communities and learn from the diverse perspectives and experiences.


Ensure your blog is legally compliant and tax-ready with Harvard intellectual property lawyer Bobby Klinck. Plus we're including templates to help you with disclaimers, your privacy policy and terms and conditions! ​


This will become your secret weapon in creating blog posts that get SEEN. This printable checklist walks you through the exact actions to take to write, optimize, and promote new blog posts including: how to apply your keyword research, how to compose and structure your post, optimizing for SEO, creating images and graphics, disclosing sponsors/affiliates, promoting on social media, and SO much more!


No idea where to get started with Search Engine Optimization? Liane Walker, from Foodie Digital (the team I personally use to improve my sites’’s not just for food bloggers!) breaks down how to leverage SEO to help people find your website through online search engines.


The Six Figure Blog Academy Testimonials
The Six Figure Blog Academy Testimonials
The Six Figure Blog Academy Testimonials
The Six Figure Blog Academy Testimonials
The Six Figure Blog Academy Testimonials

If you’ve made the investment in 21 Days to Impact but realize this wasn't the right move for you, I’ll give you a full refund. Just reach out within 7 days of enrollment to let me know that you’re not seeing any growth with the program and show me the work you've done to implement these lessons.

I’m offering this money-back guarantee because I believe so strongly in the contents of 21 Days to Impact and the success my students have already had from it. I want you to experience the same success, risk-free.

You can review our full
refund policy here.

More Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

Is this course for international students? 

What format is the course delivered in?

What if I'm unhappy with the course? Do you offer refunds?

What if I already have a blog set up?

Can you share more information about your own success as a blogger?

I have a question that's not listed. Help!


"OMG, Kate. What if it doesn’t work? What will everyone think?" 


"I’m not good enough. There are already better people doing what I want do.

People will find out I’m a fraud. No one will take me seriously."


Yup, it’s our spiteful frenemy, Imposter Syndrome. I get it, I’ve been there too. Secret’s out: LITERALLY EVERYONE DEALS WITH SELF-DOUBT AND FEAR!


Here’s another secret: Don’t wait to show up until you’re confident. Show up and you’ll become confident. Confidence is a muscle that needs practice. Flex yours!


I know that you're capable and worthy of success, no matter what your brain is trying to trick you into thinking!


There are so many amazing things waiting for you on the other side of these fears. 

So let’s try a reframe. 


Try these questions instead:


✔️ What impact could I have if I launched my blog?

✔️ What's the worst case scenario if I fail? How likely is that?

✔️ Can I MAKE time for myself, my dreams and my blog?

✔️ Can I afford to stay stuck any longer? What is doing nothing costing me?

 ✔️ What is my 10% edge?

✔️ How do I unfairly compare myself to others?

✔️ What if it DOES work? 


How good could it get if I went for it AND it worked out?


The reward is SO MUCH GREATER than the risk here, friend. 


And guess what?


If you never start, you’ll never get the results you’re dreaming of.


Nothing changes if nothing changes. 


Would you rather risk nothing and stay stuck exactly where you are, or take a chance, bet on yourself and turn your dreams into a reality? 


Is the pain of change better or worse than the pain of staying the same?


Ready for a change?


Foot notes:

*Demand metric



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